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Self-Use Media Spaces

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FALL 2020: Self-Use Spaces must be reserved 12 hours in advance. Booths are limited to one patron at a time. After Fall Break, booth bookings will need to be approved in advance by Media Commons staff. Please email Media Commons for availability:

Note: This space is unstaffed, please see all current proper safety guidelines for use.

Self Use Studios
Self Use Studios

Audio and Video Production Studio

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Contact us for Availability. Note: These spaces are staffed during reservations, please see all current proper safety guidelines for use.

Video Prod Studio
Audio Prod Studio

Emerging Technology Spaces (Unavailable until Further Notice)

Emerging Technology Spaces are currently un-available due to Covid-19 safety concerns. Note: This space is unstaffed

VR Space
VR Space 2

Reflection Rooms (Unavailable until Further Notice)

Reflection rooms are commonly used for a variety of purposes including prayer, meditation, yoga, and can also be used as sensory safe spaces.

Reflection Room A
Reflection Room B